Hands & Feet Indulgence


All manicures include: nail shaping, buffing, cuticle treatment & polish applied.
Express Manicure - 30 mins
Deluxe Manicure - with exfoliation and parrafin wax treatment.


All pedicures include: Cleansing & sanitising, nail shaping, buffing, some dry skin removal & polish applied.
Express Pedicure - 45 mins
Deluxe Pedicure - with exfoliation and parrafin wax treatment.
A Touch of Paradise Manicure or Pedicure - 60 mins
The ultimate feel good treatment for hands and feet. Each treatment involves a hand or foot soak, exfoliation with a Honey Walnut Scrub, massage with a pure Coconut Oil, application of a nourishing Honey body butter wrap, then completing this luxurious treatment with a file, paint and body moisturizer. A touch of paradise for those deserving hands and feet.